On Wednesday, August 19, we will host the Audacity world premiere here in Southern California, and we would love to have a thousand churches around the globe do the same: host a public screening on that day. Below we have free promotional items (posters, bulletin inserts, etc.), the trailer adapted at the end to get your church excited, and low-cost DVDs to give away or sell at the event. You could also make this a “free pizza and award-winning movie night” and invite your community. The movie is very evangelistic and contains the clear gospel, offering a wonderful opportunity to reach the unsaved with a thought-provoking movie on a most timely topic. The time may come when we may not have the legal freedom to do this. We don’t want to look back with regret that we let this opportunity pass by. This may be helpful in convincing your pastor to have a screening:

It has won two awards, been commended by many well-respected leaders, and major Christian TV networks are going to air it to over 200 countries the last week in August. Please check out the trailer.


“This film is brilliantly done—Five stars!!!!” –Pastor Skip Heitzig

“Hands down the best Christian film I have ever watched.” –Zeb A. 

“Audacity is a masterpiece!” –Sasown N.

“Wonderful movie! We have showed it twice in our church already.” –Kimberly W.


PLEASE commit now to hosting a premiere. Just provide the name of your city, and we will publicize the cities around the world where it will be freely shown on August 19. Knowing that we are standing together on that night will be an incredible encouragement to many. Together, may we shine a very bright light into this increasingly dark world. As we get closer to August 19, we will be giving you updates, as well as more ideas to help this outreach be more effective. Thank you for standing with us!

“Count us in! We are hosting a premiere on August 19.”

The form is for U.S. hosted premieres only. For premieres hosted outside the U.S. please email the form details to

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Pre-Order DVDs for Your Premiere

You can pre-order low-cost DVDs now (if ordered timely, they will arrive before your premiere). The DVDs are a terrific resource that those who see the movie can give to those they care about.

Audacity Video Study

After they’ve seen the movie, how do you equip your church to go deeper? That’s why we designed the “Audacity Video Study.”

Audacity Video Study - 2 Discs

The issue of homosexuality is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society, and it’s one the Church can no longer ignore. But how can we address it with love—and with truth? This four-session video study will teach you how to overcome your fear and share the gospel lovingly, yet without compromise, with those who practice homosexuality (and those who don’t).


This study is perfect for church small groups, Sunday schools, and family devotions.

This DVD study includes:

  • Four 25-min. sessions with teaching by Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, and Mark Spence
  • Printable study guide
  • Promotional material (printable poster and flyer, presentation slides, etc.)

Free Promotional Material

We have promotional materials that you can use to promote your screening.

Audacity | World Premiere Screening Trailer

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